Spicebomb | His Car Air-Freshener


This expertly designed diffuser allows fragrances to carefully filter through into a confined space. Perfectly suited for cars and wardrobes. Our car diffusers comes with attachment strings to tie to your desired location. Available in a variety of luxurious inspired designer type fragrance diffuser oils. 

  Instruction for use: 

  Activating the Scent: 

  • Unscrew lid and remove stopper. 
  • Give a gentle shake to let the wooden top absorb a small dose of oil, this allows the fragrance oil to penetrate the wooden cover and release the fragrance.  
  • Be careful not to shake too rigorously as it may cause spillage. 
  • Once uncapped, keep product upright. 
  • Whenever you feel the fragrance is too mild, give a gentle shake, so that the perfume oil permeates the wooden cover. Alternatively you can invert once a week to keep your vehicle nice and fresh. 


These Scentary Scents are suitable for Multipurpose use and fit for all, be it your Car, Van, Motorhome, Boat, Wardrobe or Gym Lockers.


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